Ultra Seal Puncture Prevention

Ultra seal puncture prevention

The Ultra seal puncture prevention product is a tyre sealant liquid. When inserted into a tyre, it repairs most punctures from the inside out. You won’t have to experience a breakdown and you wont even know you had a puncture. The product creates a permanent repair, and keeps working for the life of the tyre.

Ultra-Seal converts any pneumatic tyre into a self-sealing tyre that will maintain air pressure. Ultra-Seal has the unique ability to coat the entire inner surface of a tyre and bead. It ensures heat reduction and by maintaining the tyre pressure it also extends the life of the tyre, minimises tyre wear and reduces fuel consumption. Ultra-Seal’s attributes are unparalleled in the history of the pneumatic tyre!


How does Ultra-Seal work

Rubber recovery within a tyre, is very important in conjunction with Ultra-Seal. When a tyre is punctured, the rubber is forced open by the penetrating object. The wound is actually much smaller than the puncturing object. Rubber has memory and it will recover to its original shape after being subjected to adverse conditions or stress factors. When the penetrating object is removed, the rubber recovers and the wound closes. As the wound closes, Ultra-Seal is held in place by the strength and integrity of the tyre and will then create a positive secure permanent repair that lasts the life for the tyre.

A penetrating object left in a tyre for any extended period of time causes the rubber to temporarily lose its ability to recover. After removing the puncturing object, driving activates immediate tyre flexing to reactivate the rubber’s memory and bouncing or hammering the area also helps the tyre to recover.


Tyre flexingUltra seal puncture prevention

Tyres are constantly flexing when a vehicle is driven. The weight of the vehicle, the irregular surface of the road, and the turning of the tyres create a substantial amount of flexing. Once a puncturing object is removed, it is important to rotate the wheel so Ultra-Seal can enter the hole and repair the tyre. Once this is accomplished the repair cures and becomes a positive secure seal.

Manual tyre flexing (off the vehicle) can be accomplished by removing the puncturing object and then striking the tyre several times with a mallet around the wound area or bouncing the tyre against the ground. This method creates a temporary repair that will become positive once the tyre is installed onto the vehicle and driven approximately 10 kilometres.


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